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Todd B. - Ontario, CA

This is the best price you can find. Valet parking for your car. You can wait for the shuttle in the lobby of the hotel room. Everything (including the shuttles) are high quality and clean. Definitely recommend for LAX.


Outdoor Valet

Robert L. - Simi Valley, CA

We have used Custom hotel parking 4-5 times and always been very happy with everything.


Outdoor Valet

Debra A. - Simi Valley

Really great check in and really easy for shuttle to the airport. If you are in a hurry to get to airport and have just missed the shuttle it could be a while. Seemed like they left every half hour??

But we had to call 3 times and waited over 40 minutes for shuttle to pick us up. Not what you want to do after traveling all day. They kept going to Terminal 6 and not 3 where we said we were waiting.

Will try again, but only once more and hope that the pick up is better this time!!


Outdoor Valet

Alfonso C. - Los Angeles, CA

Custom Hotel is the best Airport parking in LAX! Great staff, service, and price!!


Outdoor Valet

Dave C - San Diego, CA

I booked long-term LAX parking at Custom Hotel through CheapAirportParking and the experience was great. On arrival at Custom Hotel, we waited no more than 15 minutes for the next shuttle to take us right to our airline checkin.

When we got back to LA, I called the hotel shuttle number. Again the wait was less than 15 minutes, and when we arrived at the hotel the valets had already pulled my car around front. Literally, we walked 20 feet from the shuttle to my car, the porters put the bags in the back, and we were on our way. Could not have been smoother.


Outdoor Valet

Claire B. - Los Angeles, CA

I love parking at the Custom Hotel. The only downside is that shuttles leave every 30 mins instead of more frequently, but if you plan ahead it works out perfectly.


Outdoor Valet

Dorothy P. - Los Osos

I only cared that I could find the location easily in the dark morning hours. I googled the directions - the second problem I've had with that - but was fortunate in that eventually I found out I was on Lincoln, before I stopped to ask for directions.

My car was really wet and dirty when I retrieved it, but I carry a wiper blade in the car and was able to clear all the windows before driving away in the dark.

The personnel were considerate and helpful. The only problem I had was getting connected to ask for a ride. The first call was through to a "full voice mail" box. The shuttle I caught was only a few minutes later - clearly not a result of the call, but so much the better late at night after a day of traveling.


Outdoor Valet

Steve P. - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

As we prefer to stay away from LAX due to the excessive crowds and traffic congestion in/out of LA, our parking experience certainly made our trip more pleasurable. The location is a little bit out of the way, but, as such, Century Blvd. can be avoided so this was a plus. The hotel location is easily accessed and the valet option makes parking a breeze.

The hotel and grounds are very clean and they have a breakfast option in the morning should you arrive and/or depart in between shuttle runs. Staff is very responsive, friendly, helpful with luggage, and genuinely seem to go out of their way to insure your experience is a positive one.

Shuttle buses are extremely clean and roomy. We made our flight departure with plenty of time to spare. On the return end, after our call for pick up, we waited about 25 minutes in the late afternoon. Really, no big deal, after sitting on a plane for 6 hours. Our vehicle was waiting for us, as promised, no damage (a bit dusty after 6 days), and we were on our way. In using this facility, due to the location, plan for a "little" extra time to get to the airport. All things considered, we would certainly use this parking option again. Excellent job, Custom!


Outdoor Valet

RR - Calabasas, CA

Very good, short waiting time in either way.


Outdoor Valet


The service was not that bad. Looking at the picture and details shows that your car will be parked outside in a secure lot which normally means that when you get your car back it will be dirty. They parked my car under some tree that drip sap and bird dropping all over my car. When I got it back I was in shock! It was the biggest mess I have ever seen. Even taking it through a car wash would not remove the stuff that was on my car. I had to hand wash it to get it clean again. From this experience I will not park here again.


Outdoor Valet

Adam A. - Los Angeles, CA

Used the Custom Hotel twice on trips out of LAX. Overall good experience.

Little wait-time for a shuttle to the terminal after dropping my car off with the valet. Extremely clean shuttles, super cool drivers. Safe neighborhood, so nothing happened to my car when I got it back.

On my last trip, the valet locked my keys in the car, but it wasn't a huge hassle.

Only major concern is getting picked up by the shuttles after landing at LAX. Sometimes, a lot of traffic - and the lot is a couple miles away from the terminals, so get ready for a bit of a wait.

Wouldn't recommend if you're rushing somewhere after you land, but for the casual traveller - definitely recommend parking at the Custom.


Outdoor Valet

Belal E. - Irvine, CA

The hotel is very, very nice and there is plenty of parking staff both times I've gone there now. The guys hustle to get your car and keep things moving.

The only down side is the shuttle to the airport; they have only two, so they leave every 30 mins and can take 15 - 30 mins before you are picked up. The shuttles are both really nice, but the wait is a little annoying.

Overall worth it because the price is one of the lowest, but I'll be researching a few other parking spots before I become a regular here.


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