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Outdoor Valet

Jessica M Legrair

I've used Custom Hotel for my parking twice already this year, soon to be third. Everyone is friendly I've come across, and the travel time to LAX is great.


Outdoor Valet

Paul S.

Excellent service and attentive care of my vehicle. Very convenient having my car waiting for me when I returned.


Outdoor Valet

Diane S. - Los Angeles

Everybody was especially courteous, kind and helpful. In fact, the shuttle picking me up at the airport and taking me back to my car was shockingly fast. I telephoned, and barely two minutes later, the shuttle appeared.

My only problem was the height of the vans. I am short. The driver had no step-stool for me to use to get into the van. The driver didn't stand by me and/or offer a hand or steadying arm. I almost fell. (Not Good.)

Of course, when I reached Custom Hotel and told the manager that there really should be stair-like aids in each and every van, he said, "But there are!" He checked the van--and realized someone must have used it at the airport and left it there, forgotten.

Therefore, I urge CheapAirportParking to TELL THE DRIVERS TO CHECK THAT THEY HAVE A STEP-STOOL before they begin their pick-ups and drop-offs. It is more than a mere nicety--it's a necessity.


Outdoor Valet

Kyle J.

Wait times were as expected, not out of the ordinary. Everyone was very friendly, and on each leg (from the hotel to the terminal, and back) I was the only person in the shuttle besides than the driver. I have already booked my next parking reservation at Custom Hotel.


Outdoor Valet

Paul W. - St Joseph, IL

Amazing Service!


Outdoor Valet

Marcella C.

A little confusing to get to, but well worth the trouble. Will use them again and again.


Outdoor Valet

GEOFFREY B. - West Hollywood, CA

Great shuttle experience. I only had to wait 5 min for the shuttle to leave when I arrived at the custom hotel. When I called for pick up, they were there in less than 10 min. I asked them to have my car pulled up, and it was waiting for me upon arrival. Very courteous and polite drivers. The vans are clean and comfortable. It's about a 12 minutes to the airport. I only wish they had shuttles that ran before 6am! Definitely recommend!!!


Outdoor Valet

Gary W. - Los Angeles

Location is farther away compared to many other choices, but for the price you pay, you can't really complain. Plus, the staff are all nice and courteous, shuttle cars are clean and modern, and facility looks chic and cool. Definitely will be a return customer for the right price!


Outdoor Valet

Michael L. - Huntington Beach, CA

My only issue was the fact that this location needs to mitigate against birds sitting on my car and leaving droppings.. not little droppings, but multipule and I literally spent two hours scraping and cleaning these very nasty droppings off the roof of my car.


Outdoor Valet

Chu-Yi W. - Los Angeles, CA

One shuttle per 30 minutes is too few. It can be more like one shuttle per 15 minutes or customized. Even though, it is very near LAX airport and with good service (cheap but good personnel attitude and clean environment). Well, this is a good parking choice overall.


Outdoor Valet

Linda S. - Seal Beach

Excellent in all regards! Great value!


Outdoor Valet

Phil - Beverly Hills, CA

Shuttle didn't show up for more than 30 minutes but the dispatcher responded quickly when I made a complaint. When I arrived at the hotel, the car was ready in the valet area.


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