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Indoor Self Parking

Christine B.

The Shuttle driver missed me and I had to wait about 30 mins before the van came around again. I prefer no more than a 10-15 min wait. It's not fun to be single and waiting to be picked up at LAX.


Indoor Self Parking

Paul D. - Costa Mesa, CA

Have used this location and the twin building across the street many times. It's the cheapest around, fairly clean, convenient and employees are courteous. Good value. Only negative is long shuttle wait upon returning. We've waited 45 minutes to an hour, called several times, 10:30 - 11:30PM at night. This is probably a function of which night we return and the frequency of planes landing at that hour. Drivers are friendly, always help with bags and I tip well.


Indoor Self Parking

Ron Z. - San Gabriel, CA

Shuttle wait time 10-15 mins to LAX; 30 mins when from LAX.


Indoor Self Parking

Dr. J - Los Angeles, CA

Waited 20 minutes for the shuttle and it took almost 1/2 hour to get out of LAX, as they packed the shuttle full. Don't they have more than 1 shuttle? I won't ever use again.


Roof Top Self

Sabrina Z. - Fullerton, CA

Good size parking garage. The staff found us a spot even though they said they are full. We were waiting only 5 min for the shuttle each way. We had a little trouble finding it at first. Would recommend to people with a little bit of time and want to save some money on parking.


Indoor Self Parking

Christopher S. - Hemet

You guys are awesome, will use you again for sure!!!!


Indoor Self Parking

Kurt S. - Los Angeles, CA

I've parked at 405 parking many times. They seem to be improving on wait times and the location is good. All in all, is a good experience and value.


Indoor Self Parking

Christian S. - Woodland Hills, CA

I waited for 45 min to get picked up after calling an letting them know I was there at Terminal 5.


Indoor Self Parking

Jens L. - Sunnyvale, CA

Parking the car and getting to the airport was a breeze. The Shuttle driver even helped us getting our luggage out of our car, in the elevator and in the shuttle. Thank you very much!

Getting back to the car was a nightmare. We called the number to notify them when we entered the baggage claim just as instructed. The bags did take a little time and when we were finished the shuttle just went off and ignored our waving. Anyways, no shuttles 20 minutes and 40 minutes later, we saw him driving on the departure level but he didn't come down to arrivals. The 3rd time he briefly stopped and was just about to leave again if we wouldn't have jumped in front of the shuttle. The driver didn't help putting our luggage in the shuttle. I hope the second part was an exception.


Indoor Self Parking

Phoenix - Los Angeles, CA

You may have to wait and watch other shuttles go by for about ten to fifteen minutes when you arrive. So only park here if you are not in a rush. Staff is friendly, good price.


Roof Top Self

Courtney - Santa Barbara, CA

Upon arrival to the facility (late at night for a red eye) there was a sign blocking the structure that read "Full" (we had a reservation) and no one was in the booth. After waiting outside for a few minutes, we called the number we had and someone came out a few minutes later directing us to the adjacent structure. Sounds like they recently acquired the one across the way and will have better signage soon (I hope).

Didn't have to wait barely at all for a shuttle on either end of the trip, which was great. Standing room only on way back to the car but that was ok with us.

Upon exiting the structure, the poor attendant was having to run each credit card across the street in the other facility. She was more than pleasant and had such a great attitude but each car had to wait a while and we felt bad for her having to actually run back and forth.

All in all, easy access, affordable parking and friendly staff. We'll use them again for sure.


Roof Top Self

DON W. - Woodland Hillls, CA

I waited over 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick me up. During that time, the competition went by 2, 3 and 4 times. Waiting a half-hour for a shuttle is not acceptable, and the competition did not have a problem getting shuttles around the loop.


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