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Airport Resources: The Aviation Guide

Airport Resources: The Aviation Guide

Aviation is the development, design and operation of aircraft. Currently there are five major makers of civil transportation aircraft Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, and United Aircraft Corporation. General aviation allows for private and commercial flying. Private pilots fly for enjoyment and under different regulations than commercial flights. The following resources cover aviation rules, laws and detailed information for pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

Overview and History of Aviation

  • Long Flight: A look at the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean without any stops.
  • History of Flight: A collection of resources about aeronautics and how flight has been an intriguing plight through out history.
  • First Flight: Learn about the Wright brother’s success in inventing the airplane.
  • Women in Aviation: A tour of women pilots in the National Air and Space Museum Aeronautics Division with brief biographies.
  • Airline History: A summary of the aviation history starting from the 1903 flight that marked the aviation industry.
  • What is Aviation: A guide explaining aviation, aerodynamic and hydrodynamic principles.

The Science of flight

Aviation regulations and laws

Tips for Flying

Flight manuals

Planes and Airline Information

  • Boeing Airplanes: This major aerospace corporation is the largest global aircraft manufacturer. View commercial airplanes, business jets, freighters and models that are no longer being made.
  • Airbus Aircraft: View descriptions of aircrafts manufactured by Airbus.
  • Airline Data Project: The project focuses on the challenges that the airline industry faces. The project analyzes several airlines.
  • Airline Industry: A list of airline companies and description of each.
  • Airplane Crash Database: View all the plane crashes by year

Famous Pilots

  • Famous WWII Fighter Pilots: Biographies of two famous pilots that flew in P-51 during World War II.
  • Amelia Earhart: A biography of the most famous woman in aviation. It details her attempt to fly around the world and her achievement flying solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Charles Lindbergh: A biography of the “ The Lone Eagles” life and accomplishments of the pilot who won the highest military award, the Medal of Honor.
  • The Wright Brothers: An abstract of the paper extensively covering the achievements of the Wright Brothers. The paper can be downloaded in full in PDF format.
  • Chuck Yeager: The Official website of General Chuck Yeager often thought of as one of the greates pilots of all time.

Aviation in the military

  • First Home of Tactical Aviation: Col. Raymond Lacey details the history of the first tactical aviation.
  • Aviation Selection Test Battery: A description of the Aviation test for the Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Tuskegee Airmen: Facts about the Air Force’s first crew of black airmen. There are additional resources on the pilots with galleries.
  • Bomber Aircraft: A comprehensive list of bomber aircraft, the manufactures of the aircrafts, engines used and the amount of crew on the bomber.